People all over the world are enjoying the rapidly spreading experience of mobile communications. All mobile devices now give everyone the choice and use of mobile content and solutions in a rapidly increasing number of different areas. Interaction with computers, TV sets, console games and, above all, with each other, is changing people's lives everywhere. This is today an exploding market in many parts of the globe.

Mobile Content & Applications

At WILAEN, we can help you deliver the unique and enhanced mobile application and content experiences that drive revenue, reduce churn, and improve your customer relationships. We can also integrate with a carrier billing system to help you boost subscriber loyalty and reduce your external merchant processing fees. Our robust technology platform, combined with our vast technical and development expertise, makes it easy for you to onboard new solutions, reduce your time to market and minimize drain on your technical resources.

Master Content Provisioning

Master Content Programming

Partner with WILAEN to make your current portfolio work even harder for your bottom line. We can help you program content that is culturally relevant to your subscribers--including personalization, music, videos, news and applications. We also act as your comprehensive Content and Application Provider, providing nalytics with recommendations and handling everything from license agreements and on boarding to reports and payment.

Enterprise App Stores

We work with wireless operators to find, buy, and manage relevant cloud-based business applications. Using innovative new cloud-based applications, we can help your enterprise customers manage accounting, marketing, project management, human resources and more--all with convenient subscription model pricing, a single anagement portal, and full technical support.

Unlimited Music

Engage your subscribers by giving them the ability to make their music mobile. With WILAEN's Unlimited Music solution, you can offer subscribers the ability to download millions of tracks, albums, ringback tones, and ringtones--all from one platform. Our turnkey solution is comprehensive, delivering data-driven customer lifecycle management, product design, and marketing services to help you boost revenue.

Game Rental Program

Create recurring revenue streams by offering your subscribers unlimited download and play gaming--anytime, anywhere. Using our Java-based wrapper technology, you can even control the behavior of a game and implement different pricing models, as well as integrate social features, such as stats and status updates.

Subscription Clubs

Deliver a more personalized, engaging experience to your subscribers and create recurring streams of revenue using our entertainment-driven subscription services. Offer your subscribers unlimited access to a vast library of entertainment content--including music, images, apps, games, and more.

- All You Can Eat
- Video Club Subscriptions
- Adult Club Subscriptions

Smartphone App Development

Wilaen creates successful applications by combining our understanding of the complete smartphone ecosystem, industry knowledge and technical expertise in different platforms. We guide our customers in the entire process from conceptualizing the application, technology and platform choice, UI Design, Development, Testing, and Application Marketing.

We offer complete, end-to-end services for mobile application development across all major platforms including Apple iPhone, RIM's BlackBerry, Google's Android, as well as Microsoft's Windows Mobile.

With our extensive experience in the mobile space we give you not just a technical hand, but a strategic partner in leveraging this dynamic mobile world towards increased business efficiency and effectiveness.

Our services include:
- Mobile Strategy.
- Design.
- Development.
- Project management.
- Quality assurance.
- Deployment and Maintenance.

SMS Applications

SMS2MEDIA is a suite of applications intended to integrate Media Partners to their audience via SMS.

MMS Applications

SMS2MEDIA is a suite of applications intended to integrate Media Partners to their audience via SMS.

Mobile Marketing

Wilaen allows mobile operators and brands to unlock new revenue streams by arming them with the technology and tools they need to successfully reach mobile subscribers. We help companies navigate the mobile marketing space by offering them the best technology platforms and the local knowledge to perfect your strategy.

App Discovery Program

Wilaen offers an easy-to-implement managed service, which allow mobile operators to showcase top notch applications for threat users. From a business perspective, this solutions helps monetize the home screen and grow the mobile app business without the need for a big investment in an app store infrastructure.

Mobile Financial Services

Wilaen combines the most comprehensive and advanced platforms along with a team of professionals to accelerate market adoption of mobile financial services.
We work with mobile operators to develop simple and secure systems in order to make financial transactions feasible regardless of the mobile device.

Customer Value Management

Our solutions allows corporations to develop tailored products and services to their clients, in order to maximize profits and individual customer satisfaction. Customer Value Management serves to strengthen their customer marketing, loyalty and relationship management programs.
While numerous operators have already implemented Value Management processes in some form, only a few have maintained the management and operational discipline required to achieve profound and sustainable results.